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Benefits in volunteering


You may help in the development of medicines that may help someone suffering from a chronic, serious or life-threatening illness.


Participants who take part in clinical research studies at Simbec receive a generous payment, which can range from £300 to £7,000.


Whilst on a study, you will have lots of time to relax, catch up on some studying using our free Internet access, or just chill out.

•  You'll receive a thorough medical examination and blood screen to check your health status.

•  Simbec will provide all your meals during your stay.

•  If required, we will provide transport to and from Simbec whilst on a study.

•  Some studies require very specific tests but you will be fully informed of these prior to you agreeing to take part in the study.

•  You may provide important scientific information for developing the medicines of the future.

•  During the actual trial, you will more than likely have blood samples taken at set times throughout your stay. In addition, you may have your blood pressure and heart monitored periodically.

•  By becoming a member of our panel of healthy participants you will be under no obligation to take part in any clinical trial and if you do take part you are free to withdraw at any time. Each project includes a generous payment for your time.



Simbec Research was established in 1976 and is part of the Simbec-Orion Group. With 40 years of operation, we are one of Europe's leading clinical research organisations providing clinical research services to both the European and international pharmaceutical industry.

We have a modern, purpose built, 58-bed clinical unit which is staffed by a team of experienced doctors, nurses and technicians who provide cover 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also have a full range of equipment and services that are similar to a hospital.

Simbec performs studies across the research spectrum, from Phase I to Phase IIa and Phase II both in the UK and internationally, specialising in early clinical development.



The vast majority of us at sometime in our lives will have been prescribed some form of medication by our doctor. In doing so, you will have benefited directly from clinical trials, which would have involved healthy volunteers like you.

Medicines we now take for granted, such as common headache tablets, antibiotics, cough and cold remedies, were once new drugs and had to undergo a series of Clinical Trials before being allowed onto the market. In fact, these medicines continue to be researched as pharmaceutical companies strive to improve formulations and other aspects of their production.



  • Why do we need to conduct clinical trials?

    The majority of us at sometime in our lives have or will have been prescribed some form of medication by our doctor. These medications are developed using clinical trials, so each time we use a medication, we benefit directly from these clinical trials which have involved healthy participants just like you.

    Medicines we now take for granted were once new drugs and had to undergo a series of Clinical Trials before being allowed onto the market. In fact, these medicines continue to be researched as pharmaceutical companies strive to improvements in their formulation.

    Giving a medicine to a healthy participant provides information on the safety and tolerance of new medicines and how a healthy body absorbs and excretes drugs. This can be tested, for example, by taking blood and urine samples, measuring blood pressure and performing an ECG (a trace of your heart rate) at various times in the day.

    Have you ever considered how a doctor knows how frequently you need to take a drug? Again, this information is obtained from measuring the drug in participants' blood. This is done by taking blood samples over a period of time and then measuring the amount of drug in each sample.

  • Is it safe and are there any side effects?

    As a participant it is natural that you will be concerned about your safety. That is why here at Simbec the wellbeing of our participants is our top priority. Each and every study we undertake is submitted to the South East Wales Research Ethics Committee, who as an independent group, review the information available and ensure that each study maintains the highest levels of safety before allowing it to proceed.

  • What does a typical trial involve?

    Before the start of every trial, you will undergo a pre-trial medical examination and blood test to ensure that you are suitable to take part. Before this medical examination, you will be provided with the full trial details and will be asked to sign a consent form. If you decide to take part in a trial and require transport to Simbec, we will arrange this for you.

    Every trial follows a strict schedule of events. For example, you may need to fast overnight in preparation for the dosing of the trial medication, which usually occurs in the morning. Dosing is mostly in tablet form but may be in the form of an injection, liquid, patches or infusion.

    Before being discharged from any trial, it is mandatory that you attend post-trial blood test and a medical examination. Then, usually two weeks following this examination, you are paid for having helped us.

    At Simbec, we aim to make your stay as comfortable as possible with a full range of free facilities available. Examples are satellite TV, PlayStation consoles, daily newspapers and board & trivia games. There are also pool tables for your use. If you want to study or just unwind, there is a quiet room with free Internet access on hand for you. There is also Wifi access on each ward if you wish to bring your laptop. We provide you with all your meals during your stay at Simbec, although there may be certain restrictions on what you can eat. We can, upon request, provide alternative dietary plans, such as vegetarian meals where the study requirements allow it.

  • Am I eligible to take part?

    We are looking for regular healthy men and women like you.

    Each year, we have in excess of 1000 individuals who take part in our trials, including people from professional backgrounds, students, factory workers, housewives and retired men & woman.



    We have a number of studies we are currently recruiting for, based on your registration form we will call you within 24 hours and take you through our current studies you could take part in.


Use the map below to find out where we are.


Simply contact one of our recruitment staff, who will be happy to take you through the initial process of joining our panel of volunteers.


Thank you for your interest in joining our panel of healthy volunteers, please register by completing the below form.

To enable us to make an assessment of your suitability for a Clinical Trial, we will first need to gather some personal details relating to your health. To ensure your suitability for a Clinical Trial, by ticking the checkbox you agree that the information you have provided is accurate to the best of your ability. Your personal data will be stored on our database which is only accessible by Simbec Research Ltd and our service providers. To aid in your suitability assessment, we will only share with companies that support us delivering our services. Under the current European Data Protection Laws (GDPR), you have a number of rights in relation to your personal data such as the right to access, right to rectification and right to be forgotten where appropriate. Please note: if you have not been contacted within 3 months of applying for a trial, please assume you are ineligible and that your data has been deleted from our system, if you believe you are eligible for another one of our trials, please apply again in 3 months.

For more information regarding our commitment to your privacy, please read our privacy policy.

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